Where to Find Help?
July 31, 2014

As you are aware, there is a tremendous amount of information available on entrepreneurship.  Ideally, we are helping to sort through the madness and provide a simplified place to start the process.

One good location to find many programs and tutorials is the government.  The Small Business Administration (SBA) provides many easy to learn tutorials and overviews that first time entrepreneurs may find useful.  The tutorials are fairly broad, but provide the framework to narrow your focus on what you need to succeed.

We encourage you to sign up for the mailing list so you are aware of webinars that you may find useful.  Another great resource, particularly to find the entrepreneurship community is your state and local government.  Each state provides economic development programs that may fit your needs.  At the very least, the government provides resources to bounce your ideas of professionals in-person, which can help validate your ideas.