Investment Philosophy

At Que Ventures, we want to contribute to the entrepreneurial community.  The following is our mission:

Increase business development by facilitating capital, services and advice to support the entrepreneurial community.

As part of our mission to facilitate capital, we intend to invest our capital into specific types of entrepreneurs.  These investments will need to support our investment philosophy.

After all, maybe Dr. Seuss had it right…

Dr Suess

We are looking for people with skills that translate into a producing goods or services, which use existing distribution channels.  An example is a jewelry maker that wants to sell merchandise on Etsy.  Also, the Etsy seller that wants to expand their company.  Opportunities are not limited to physical goods, there are many platforms for musicians and photographers to turn their artistic passion into a business.

If you meet those criteria or have any questions, then please feel free to contact us.

Not sure if you have the skills required?  One of the more powerful stories in the startup community right now is Sophia Amoruso and her company, Nasty Gal.  We will elaborate on her story, which support our thesis…there are more Sophia Amorusos in the world than Mark Zuckerbergs.