Is it a good time to start a business?
January 22, 2015

We started Que Ventures roughly six months ago.  We thought about starting Que Ventures for about 3-4 years before Que got off the ground.

Everyone has something that makes them a little awesome.  We think there is a budding entrepreneur in most people, and they just need a little support to make it happen.  If you are worried that entrepreneurship is a young persons game, then think again.  As you can see, it’s never too late to start.


A recent post on Medium by fellow entrepreneur Meg Ragland highlights her best advice she learned from the community.  It is ok if you don’t have all the answers, follow your passion and believe in yourself usually work out in the end.

For us, then we keep trying new things to engage with the entrepreneurial community.  At first, we were not 100% sure how to engage, so we tried newsletters to provide our voice.  That did not work.

We went to events, forced ourselves out of our shell and created a network.  That helped.   We add our voice to Twitter.  That has had limited success.

These are examples of actions we took to follow our passion and believe we will find an answer that resonates with the community.  Along the way, we are learning, having fun and helping a few folks get their dreams off the ground.