Mean People Suck. How about their profits?
November 8, 2015

I remember kindergarten quite well.  My teacher was Mrs. Mullins and there was a poster to this effect: Everything I needed to know, I learned in kindergarten. Basically, when you first go to school you learn to treat others with respect and dignity.  You learn the Golden Rule: Treat others like you want to be […]

Why Culture Matters
November 1, 2015

Every organization has culture.  If you think about your favorite local coffee shop compared to Starbucks, there is a difference.  The atmosphere reflects the owners and their mindset.  The ambiance creates a certain feel that hopes to engage customers to either stay, work and talk or grab a quick cup and go on with their […]

Snapchat took the world (or at least the US) by storm over the last few years.  What once started as the “sexting” app has evolved into a rapidly growing company. Is this the age of Snapchat domination? Since the company formed, it has moved fast.  Snapchat adopted the Facebook effect and has moved fast and […]

Why Twitter Matters for your Small Business
October 2, 2015

Twitter has something special.  Twitter works.  Twitter is just not Facebook and Twitter is not an ecosystem. As Fast Company articulates: Twitter executives have always preferred that you not compare their company to Facebook. While they definitely want Twitter to become the world’s biggest social media company, they say they don’t want it to resemble, […]

Why Small Businesses Need to Know Facebook
October 1, 2015

Facebook is the “leader in the clubhouse” among the large US players in the ecosystem game. To start, the original Facebook disclosed over 1.3 billion monthly active users (MAUs) in its most recent quarterly earnings statement (3Q 2104).  VentureBeat breaks down the numbers, but the headline follows: 1.35 billion MAUs (14% growth year-over-year) 1.12 billion […]

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