Is my small business making enough profit?
February 5, 2015

How do you know if your small business is generating sufficient profits? Basically, if your business is meeting your goals, then you are on your way to sustainability and generating sufficient profits.  As you created and executed your plan, then you were able to engage and find customers and generate revenue (money!). If the plan is working, […]

What is Business Growth?
August 23, 2014

What is the proper amount of business growth?  How do you grow your company?  Your business plan (or strategy) will determine the how, but does not help with the mindset. There are many opinions and thoughts on the need to grow your business.  Growth will be the ultimate driver of financial success, as you will […]

Where to Find Help?
July 31, 2014

As you are aware, there is a tremendous amount of information available on entrepreneurship.  Ideally, we are helping to sort through the madness and provide a simplified place to start the process. One good location to find many programs and tutorials is the government.  The Small Business Administration (SBA) provides many easy to learn tutorials and […]

Validating your Business Model
July 6, 2014

It is important to understand your business model.  But what is a business model? Basically, it is how you will make money.  Your company will provide a good or service to a customer in exchange for some money.  Pretty simple in theory, but there are many ways to figure out that “how” and then make […]