Is my small business making enough profit?
February 5, 2015

How do you know if your small business is generating sufficient profits? Basically, if your business is meeting your goals, then you are on your way to sustainability and generating sufficient profits.  As you created and executed your plan, then you were able to engage and find customers and generate revenue (money!). If the plan is working, […]

More Accounting and Finance Fun!
December 8, 2014

As 2014 ramps down, it may be a good time to think about planning for next year.  If you’ve started a business in 2014, then take some time in December to get ahead of tax and accounting actions for next year.  It may pay dividends to do some preliminary work this year, especially if you find […]

Why Hire a Lawyer for your Small Business?
November 20, 2014

Part of being a business owner is protection.  Protecting your company assets, brand and identity.  Often, owners will seek legal counsel after an incident or activity that mandates an attorney. Priori Legal created a marketplace for lawyers to interact with entrepreneurs before any actions are required.  Although it seems attorneys are only provided to business […]

How do I get Paid?
August 29, 2014

Perhaps the most vital question that a small business (or any business) must address is how will we be paid? If you are a local merchant, such as a hair or massage salon, restaurant or lawn care specialist, you may mainly deal with cash and check.  If that suits your needs, then you are in […]

What is Business Growth?
August 23, 2014

What is the proper amount of business growth?  How do you grow your company?  Your business plan (or strategy) will determine the how, but does not help with the mindset. There are many opinions and thoughts on the need to grow your business.  Growth will be the ultimate driver of financial success, as you will […]