Are you looking to cut costs for your small business?  If not, why?  Cash is king and the lifeblood of any company, so if you need to get your spending under control, then here are some tips to save money for your small business. 1. Learn to Code: There are a variety of free and low-cost […]

If you have followed some of our previous posts, than you know we are stressing the importance of understanding your financial situation in order to plan correctly.  Most notably, understanding small business accounting and taxes and how they impact your small business strategy. In order to grow your business, then you will need a plan of […]

Have you looked at your calendar recently?  It appears to be moving quite quickly as it just feels like 2015 started.  Before you know it, than taxes will be due and your plan to get a financial foundation for your small business accounting this year will be behind the 8 ball. For those lingering questions, […]

3 Essentials of Small Business Accounting
February 12, 2015

Think back to your youthful days and sitting on the edge of the pool contemplating jumping in the deep end for a minute.  Now, replace the swimming pool with your taxes.  Not as much fun, but recently we have taken a deep dive into accounting to prepare your small business finances. There are three essentials to […]

‘Tis the Season: Tax Time is Approaching
February 9, 2015

As the new year rolls on and you quickly wonder what happened to January, than you also realize it’s getting close to tax season.  As a small business owner or prospective owner, then understanding your financials is critical to success.  Part of the financial lifeblood of your company is proper accounting, which includes taxes. The SBA […]