How does Social Media help my business?
September 23, 2014

If you  are wondering how social media works, then you are not alone.  If you constantly hear about “using social media” in articles to help small business, then you are not alone. You probably know more than you think and are likely familiar with the major players in of social media.  Those main players are: Facebook […]

Marketing is Strategy
August 28, 2014

Every venture needs a plan.  A plan is simply your strategy to achieve your goals. How will you determine your strategy?  It’s all about positioning. What value do you provide to your customers?  How do your customers know that you provide that value?   Arielle Jackson provided an overview of how to position a company in an […]

What is Strategy?
August 28, 2014

Strategy may sound complex, and it is very easy to over think your strategy.  How long have you thought about your company before telling another person?  Now that you’ve made the leap (or are on the verge), take a few minutes to understand “strategy” before you internally decide if it will or will not work. […]


In order to realize your entrepreneurial dreams, marketing plays a large part.  So what is marketing? Marketing is simply finding prospective customers (aka an audience).  Every business must reach their audience, provide value and engage customers.  It is very difficult to stand out from the crowed, so here are some tips that should help find […]

How to Create Brand Awareness?
July 28, 2014

Often, the question arises, how do I stand out from the crowd?  How do I create and develop my brand?  How do I create brand awareness? There are so many social media avenues that it can be tedious and tiresome to maintain an active presence on all the major social networks.  Is it ok to […]