Why Twitter Matters for your Small Business
October 2, 2015

Twitter has something special.  Twitter works.  Twitter is just not Facebook and Twitter is not an ecosystem. As Fast Company articulates: Twitter executives have always preferred that you not compare their company to Facebook. While they definitely want Twitter to become the world’s biggest social media company, they say they don’t want it to resemble, […]

KISS your Small Business Story
February 2, 2015

KISS.  Keep it simple, stupid. One of the more longstanding pieces of advice that is floating around is KISS.  It is timeless because people tend to over think things, and most people don’t have time for complexity. Advice from IDEO puts storytelling in perspective, among the ideas to transform your story is The Bar Test. “Bars […]

If you are anything like us, you are often frustrated with a lack of traffic to your small business blog.  The important thing to remember is it takes time. The internet presents an incredible opportunity, and with that opportunity comes a large amount of competition.  As a new business, then you have to build your […]

3 Tips to Create Better Business Blogs
January 20, 2015

Hopefully everyone is off to a great start on their New Year’s Resolutions.  If you are like us, than you wanted to increase traffic to your company web site through a business blog and become more active on social media. To help everyone out, then here are 3 tips. QuickSprout.  We are big fans of […]

How Does LinkedIn Work for Small Business?
December 1, 2014

How does LinkedIn help small business owners? LinkedIn differs from Twitter and Facebook, but is also one of the primary social network platforms that help generate new business.  LinkedIn represents your professional life, so it is important to create a LinkedIn profile that includes your small business information and employment history.  Your previous experiences demonstrate […]

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