Why Twitter Matters for your Small Business
October 2, 2015

Twitter has something special.  Twitter works.  Twitter is just not Facebook and Twitter is not an ecosystem. As Fast Company articulates: Twitter executives have always preferred that you not compare their company to Facebook. While they definitely want Twitter to become the world’s biggest social media company, they say they don’t want it to resemble, […]

Why Small Businesses Need to Know Facebook
October 1, 2015

Facebook is the “leader in the clubhouse” among the large US players in the ecosystem game. To start, the original Facebook disclosed over 1.3 billion monthly active users (MAUs) in its most recent quarterly earnings statement (3Q 2104).  VentureBeat breaks down the numbers, but the headline follows: 1.35 billion MAUs (14% growth year-over-year) 1.12 billion […]

Are you looking to cut costs for your small business?  If not, why?  Cash is king and the lifeblood of any company, so if you need to get your spending under control, then here are some tips to save money for your small business. 1. Learn to Code: There are a variety of free and low-cost […]

If you have followed some of our previous posts, than you know we are stressing the importance of understanding your financial situation in order to plan correctly.  Most notably, understanding small business accounting and taxes and how they impact your small business strategy. In order to grow your business, then you will need a plan of […]

Have you looked at your calendar recently?  It appears to be moving quite quickly as it just feels like 2015 started.  Before you know it, than taxes will be due and your plan to get a financial foundation for your small business accounting this year will be behind the 8 ball. For those lingering questions, […]

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