About Us

Welcome to Que Ventures.

Our mission focuses on new business development.  We want to help you focus on what makes you awesome, and we’ll focus on the other stuff.

At Que, we think everyone has some awesome locked inside and is ready to unleash their creativity on the world.  We want to help.  Contact us now.  Together, we can unlock that awesome.


And we are no different.  We have always had the dream and desire to leave our mark, but lacked the conviction to find that “game changing” concept.  We read and read and read about starting a new business, and realized, our concept was right in front of our face.  We are passionate about new business and want to do good by helping others.  After some research, it dawned on us, there is not much help out there for folks that are not quite sure how to get started.  Not everyone has the credentials (or desire) to create the next Facebook or Microsoft, but many people have the credentials and talent to make that little voice in the back of their head a reality.

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Thanks for joining us on this adventure.

Joel Whipple