7 Top Resources for your Small Business Accounting Needs
February 17, 2015

Have you looked at your calendar recently?  It appears to be moving quite quickly as it just feels like 2015 started.  Before you know it, than taxes will be due and your plan to get a financial foundation for your small business accounting this year will be behind the 8 ball.

For those lingering questions, then please find some resources that can help.  Blogs, videos and explainers that will provide some guidance on common questions like deductions and tax software.

  1. CPA Desk: provides short 2 minute videos on wide ranges of topics that impact your small business.
  2. Barbara Weltman: guest blogger with the SBA that provides wide-ranging content about accounting and financial implications to running a small business.
  3. DeepSky: focused on digital agencies and law firms, however provides advice (including many “How Tos”) that is applicable to all small businesses.
  4. Dear Drebit: provides answers to general business and financial questions (includes personal financial tips).
  5. Tax Mama: advice with a “mother’s touch” this blog acts like a Dear Abby for tax questions.
  6. LVB&W Blog: contains many posts on QuickBooks, which makes it valuable if you run your small business on that platform.
  7. LBMC: no-nonsense blog with good content, but lacks visual stimulation (designers may be blinded by the plain text).

Many of these sites were pulled from a larger list of 20 blogs (some of which are more specialized).  For more details, then check out the larger list and get your business in gear.

Habits are hard to form, but once we commit to things, then they are more difficult to shake.  Take this time to find some accounting and financial blogs that resonate with you and just make sense.  Make a note and check them out every other Friday (or whatever day works) and soon you’ll have the financial foundation you deserve.